About Faith and Finances​

There is one thing in our daily life that we cannot avoid interacting with. It’s money. There’s no grocery store that I know of that would give away your weekly vegetables for free. Neither does a government exist that can run without taxes. From the time we come into this world till the day we leave most of our life is involved with money.

At Faith and Finances, we learn how to deal with money through the Word of God – The Bible. Yes, that’s right. You might say what can the Bible teach us about finances. But, did you know that Jesus talked a great deal about investments, savings, charity, taxes, and many more financial aspects? God has embedded a great deal of financial wisdom in the Scriptures for us. However, this is not the wisdom that comes from the world that says “Get all you can, Can all you get and Sit on your can”. But God’s financial wisdom is imparted to us through the revelation of Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit. Many times it is contrary to logic and rational thinking. But by this wisdom, Joseph has provided bread for the world when there was a severe famine. Through this wisdom, a widow was able to pay off her late husband’s debt and make enough fortune for the rest of her life in a matter of hours.

Let’s dive in and grow in the revelation knowledge of Jesus Christ. Let’s master money, instead of money mastering us.

About the Author

Susheel Komma Reddy is a Bible teacher, author, and a psalmist. His God-given mandate is to empower the Body of Christ with truths about financial freedom through the knowledge of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ and to be a prophetic voice in the Church discerning the times and seasons.